Spring Finally!!

Growing up in CT I never thought that my move to Virginia would leave me frustrated with the amount of snow.  Maybe its not that I expected warmer weather down here, and maybe its just that I am old.  Most likely its a combination of the two.

Anyway Spring Is Finally Here! (Hopefully.  As I write this there is snow in our forecast for early next week!)

Lately we have had the full range of weather conditions but I am excited to be able to to some out door activities with the kids.  Last week we took an idea from Pinterest and made sidewalk paint.  (Click here to see the post.)  This was definitely a Pinterest win.  The younger one loved the painting the driveway a big blob of colors.


I think for him the idea of painting was more exciting than chalk because we hardly ever paint due to the potential mess.  I was shocked when even the 8 year old wanted to come outside and join!  We had a great time.  The little one is sick right now, but the next nice day I am planning on trying these soap boats from iheartnaptime.net   If you are looking for things to do with the kids check out my kids Pinterest board here.  And let me know what great activities your little ones love!


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