Starting Thirty One1

Sorry, its been awhile since I have been on here.

I have had a busy few weeks.  Last weekend we went to Virginia Beach to hang out with my BF’s little girl.  We had an amazing time at the zoo and the beach and mini golfing.  It made me so excited about our plan to move there at the end of next summer.

When we got back I was crazy excited because I knew a big pink box of Thirty One goodies was waiting for me!  I opened the box, knowing what items I was getting but I was still surprised.  Despite the colors and embroidery not really being my style, I love every one of the products!  I think I was most surprised by the Vary You Wristlet.  I am not a fan of soft wallets, but this wallet/wristlet combo fits all of my new budgeting needs!  It is very spacious without looking bulky or over stuffed.  I have separate pockets for my three daily money spending categories (food, gas, misc) as well as all of my cards, receipts, and even my change and my cell phone! I use it as my wallet in my bag but can quickly grab it if I am running in somewhere quick just to get coffee.

After my initial excitement wore off I started to get a little nervous, I am having my first party (I am hosting) one week from today! I am hoping for a great turn out but don’t have huge expectations lol.  I even invited a few girls I knew from middle school and high school who live in the area and I had lost contact with.  I am very excited and very nervous.  I’m hoping to get some great games and prizes together.  I don’t even care if no one buys anything, I just hope people have fun!  It’ll be good practice for my party booked for next week!


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