Free Help with personal finance

I just wanted to drop a quick note and let everyone know about this gem I stumbled upon today. Lately I have been devouring as much practical (and appropriate for my current situation,) personal finance information as possible. I have had bad luck with some “Celebrity Financial Experts” and I have been really craving things that are put out there in a way that is straight forward, entertaining and very informational.
Today I found this link through PNC Bank. They call it PNC Achievement Sessions. Although it isn’t as entertaining as say Mr. Money Mustache (who I also enjoy reading,) it presents a lot of good information.  You also do not need to be a PNC customer and for the few videos I have watched so far, it looks like education is the goal, not selling you their products.  This is hugely important to me.  I hate feeling like some one is just trying to suck me in under the belief that I am doing what is best for me when really all I am doing is filling their quota.
As with any financial advice I feel it is important to diversify not only your money, but also where you are getting your information from. Let me know if you have any go to resources!


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