Turkey Trot!

It’s that time of year!  Everything is popping up Christmas already and holiday shopping has begun!  To make your shopping a bit easier and more rewarding this year I am doing a Turkey Trot.  Its a super simple way to earn amazing prizes without having a full out Thirty One Party.

Turkey Trot

Here’s how it works.  I need 6 of you to commit to collecting at least $100 worth of orders.  It can be a personal order (get all your little holiday teachers’ gifts done, etc.) or you can collect orders from others, or do a little bit of both.

A great time to do this is over Thanksgiving break when everyone is planning out their Black Friday shopping or abstaining anyway!

Then on December 7th I will collect all your orders and payments and you will win a prize!  Did I mention the prizes are GREAT!  Here they are:

$50 in free Products

Any catalog item 1/2 price (2 winners)

$25 in free Products (2 winners)

A True Beauty Bag

And best of all the new December Hostess Exclusive Stand Tall Bundle!Stand Tall Bundle

All orders will be using the December Specials because we will submit the order in December.

To get a Turkey Trot Packet or place an order send me an email 31BagsByDiane@gmail.com

Be sure to stop by on Friday for my Gift Giving Guide!


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