The Balm on Sale!


Go to now to get 50% off on TheBalm products!

I LOVE everything of theirs I have tried and at 50% off it’s practically drugstore prices.  Get to it quick though, they sell out fast.

I think my favorite product is their Balms Away Makeup Breakup Remover.  Right now its only $10 with the sale.  I already own it, but bought some for friends.  This stuff is seriously the best!


Also the favorite mascara I own is The Balm’s “What’s Your Type- The Bodybuilder Mascara.  It does an incredible job of building without looking like tarantula legs. Most days I do a quick light swipe and its a perfect almost natural look that just adds a little length and color.


I could go on and on about all of their amazing products, but my last favorite for today is their Nude Dude eye palette.  This palette had THE BEST every day and going out nude colors.  It is so versatile and as the first product of their I purchased, it definitely made me want to try everything they have!


Ok I lied I had to pick one more, and its actually a bunch more I am grouping into one.  I love love love all of their cream blush/lip products.  I was super skeptical to try them but once I did I never want to use powder again!  They are super easy to apply and blend out or mix to get the perfect shade and they look so incredibly natural. Here are a few of their palettes with cream blushes. (Also their packaging is so amazing, if you have a palette with eyeshadows and cream blush/lip color, the creams always have their own flap to protect from product fallout.  Meaning you will never get blue eyeshadow mixed into your perfect nude lip color!)

applepalette_productshot_1_1 balmjovi_product_2 balmvoyage_hover balmvoyage_product

Head over to the sale and be sure to let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “The Balm on Sale!

    • I’m sorry they don’t. From what I have read the best places to find TheBalm that ships internationally is their website, and Amazon which is usually a little bit cheaper. It is also sold at Kohl’s department stores and you can order online from them but I am not sure about whether they ship abroad. If you find it somewhere else let me know and I will be sure to post an update for it.

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