First Freebie!

Hey everyone,

As part of my ongoing attempt to better my financial standings (which is going great!) I have looked at tons of budget binders and printables online.  I have realized immediately that some won’t work for me and others I try for a little bit and then abandon.  I found one over at Thirty Handmade Days (which you should totally check out, they have a ton of great stuff.  The month at a glance was a great way to see progress month to month which is crazy helpful when you are trying to avoid burnout while paying off debt.  I used it last month and it was almost perfect but I wished that there had been a little more of somethings and less of others. Going off her basic idea I decided to make my own page that would better fit my needs. So here it is.

Month at a Glance

I print mine out and use a paper cutter to trim off the margins so it will fit nicely in my Passion Planner.  Then I just stick it in right by the month view for the according month.  I also write on the top of the budget page which month it is for in the case that it were to fall out accidentally.

Some people might think this is over kill because I use YNAB regularly and I could just go to the report section for a visual representation.  For me though its a helpful activity so that I see progress every month and I set goals for the next month instead of just focusing on paycheck to paycheck in YNAB. (The paycheck to paycheck focus is not a bad one.  I love giving every penny a job according to YNAB Rule #1.)  I find this to be a positive supplemental activity, but some would rightly consider it over kill. (View my first post on YNAB here.)

I use Pages on a Mac, but I have included it as a PDF where you can write in your own categories.  Let me know if you have any problems with the download or the document itself as this is my first time doing this.

Download Month At A Glance Here


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