Forever 21+

I have never and I don’t think ever shopped at Forever 21 for a few reasons.  The first reason is that they have a reputation for incredibly poorly made clothes.  I HATE spending money on clothes, especially jeans.  I only buy them on sale and will use them until they are completely threadbare.  I don’t buy nice jeans or shirts because as a nanny it is pretty typical to get to work at 7am and by 7:35 already have boogers, paint, food, you name it, on my clothes.  This is not to say that the kids are totally to blame.  I am notorious for spilling on my white shirt in the very first sip of my morning coffee. It is for the same reason that I hardly buy anything trendy or fancy.  To make things worse, when I spill I can’t put some spray and wash on it and get in the the machine right away, I am stuck with the coffee stain or smashed in blue playdoh all day and that stuff doesn’t come out!  Aside from the spilling, my wardrobe needs to be really practical.  I don’t even attempt to wear any kind of a shoe with a heel because chances are I am going to be carrying groceries across the front lawn which has turned to mud or jumping in the sandbox to wipe M’s face after he flipped the shovel in the air and all the sand is now in his eyes and mouth.  It’s just not practical for me to wear nice clothes, so I don’t.  My wardrode consists of a couple pairs of everyday jeans, one nicer pair of jeans for going out with boyfriend and a mix of dark colored loose fitting shirts mostly from Target and Old Navy.  For what I do everyday you can’t beat $7 for a t-shirt that is likely going to be ruined after less than ten wears.  (Sorry that went on a bit.)

Number #2 Forever 21 has always been to me the place where skinny or average sized people shop.  I am not skinny.  I have been average sized for maybe a couple years of my life total, but it certainly wasn’t long.  (I am working on getting back to a healthy weight, more on that in a another post.) The idea of walking into forever 21 with a bunch of skinny teenagers shopping for trendy clothes and short skirts that they can pull off and I most definitely cannot has never been something I’d want to do.  (Believe me I have nothing against skinny teenagers, I just feel uncomfortable shopping in a place that clearly caters to them and I am a definite outsider.)

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I needed a new pair of jeans, mine were getting incredible thin and I knew we were going to a home buying class that I wanted to look more presentable for.  I didn’t have a lot of cash and I was at the mall with M.  (He wanted a sushi date and to play at the play place.  It’s been pretty cold here and I needed some more dry shampoo so I agreed to the mall trip.)  The Forever 21 at our mall has recently been remodeled and I knew from a friend that they had put in a mens section and expanded.  I decided to stop in and see if they had a plus sized section.  I knew that they had a plus sized line, I had just never seen it before.  Also places like Forever 21 are much less intimidating at 10:30 on a Tuesday morning.  It was empty.  I quickly found their plus sized section and I really loved a lot of their shirts.  But I kept my focus, no money and keeping a 3 year old entertained forces you to stay on track and get in and out as quickly as possible.  I found a pair of dark “skinny” jeans in my size almost immediately.  They were $9.90 which I don’t think even with my bargain shopping I have ever found a pair of jeans for under $10.

00057557-01 (1)

I have to say I am very surprised with how comfortable they are and how well they have held up.  I can already tell that they will last longer than my typical Old Navy jeans and they still fit just like they did when I bought them.  Usually within a week of wearing other jeans they have started to lose shape in different areas and I haven’t had any of those problems.  I was half expecting these things to fall apart the second time I wore them with ripped seams or the button falling off, but I haven’t had any problems.  The next time I need a new pair of jeans I am definitely going back.  I will probably buy one of the cute shirts too!

If you have had any positive or negative experiences with the plus size line at Forever 21 please be sure to let me know in the comments.  I have been looking at their camisoles for under $3 as well.


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