Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas


I have conflicted feelings about Valentine’s Day.  Any day that is about spreading more love and remembering to tell people how much we love them is good in my book.  What I hate is the pressure it puts on people to quantify love by how much money is spent.  Boyfriend and I like to acknowledge the day and do something small together or for each other without spending a lot of money.  This year we decided to celebrate that it will be 6 months out from when we move instead of Valentine’s Day!


This year Valentine’s Day is a Saturday so it gives you tons of options.  Instead of spending money on candy, jewelry, stuffed animals (Who needs those other than 6 year olds any way?) expensive dinners, etc, try one of these ideas…

Inside: And that includes our toenails and spleens.  Yup all of it!

Inside: And that includes our toenails and spleens. Yup all of it!

1. Make or send a card- There are so many different ways to send cards that will cost you less than the $5 at the grocery store.  Places like Just Wink and Red Stamp let you make cards and send them electronically for free or send them through the mail for a small fee.  Just Wink has some pretty snarky and somewhat risque Valentine’s.  Red Stamp’s are a little classier and allow you to add in pictures.  Both are great!  Or if you have a great idea for your own, go to Avery’s Design and Print Online.  You don’t need to have bought any Avery products and you can print them for free at home!


2. Galentine’s Day Party- Celebrate the women in your life whether or not you have a significant other.  You can go out for a meal or drinks together or stay in and watch a Friends marathon on Netflix with snacks.  Have low key fun with your friends and appreciate each other!

3. Movie Marathon- Even if you don’t have a TV you can have a movie marathon today!  And you can do it for free even if you don’t already subscribe to a service like Netflix or Hulu+.  Both services offer a free trial, just remember to cancel before it expires.  Get together some snacks and drinks and I find it helpful to have a short list prepared ahead of time.  One person makes a list of five and the other person gets veto rights.  This way you don’t end up in a “I don’t care babe, whatever you want to watch.” “No it’s your pick tonight…” or even worse, down the the Netflix rabbit hole.


4. Make Dinner Together-  Why spend the money on a fancy dinner.  Get creative and make something fancy or your favorite comfort foods.  No matter how high end you decide to make your dinner at home, buying the ingredients and making it yourself will be WAY cheaper than going out.  Just look at the cost of wine alone.  Go ahead and buy a really nice bottle this one time if you want, but do it from the wine store.  The same bottle would be marked up 4x at any restaurant.  Need some dinner ideas check out this list of 20 Romantic Dinner Ideas from Cooking Light.

5. Do a scavenger hunt or Geocaching.  I honestly believe that our love for geocaching has strengthened our relationship.  We have had to work together in spit of our different strengths and weaknesses and learned a LOT about each other while searching for caches and solving puzzles together.  Its a great way to challenge each other, compete and celebrate together when you make the find.   Make a fun scavenger hunt or check out geocaching so you can both do the scavenging.  If you have no idea what Geocaching is, take a look at THIS quick video.

6. Make an I love you jar.  I feel like this is a Pinterest cliche, but telling someone all the reasons you love them is exactly what we all need to hear.  Take a jar and some scrapbook paper and on the paper write down all the reasons you love them.  To cut down on the sap include some funny slips like “Roses are red, foxes are clever, I like your but, let me touch it forever.”


7. Coupon Book- another Pinterest staple, but they are there for a reason.  I have always made this as Christmas Presents for the kids I nanny and include things like “Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Dinner” or “30 Minutes of Screen Time before homework”  all things that can be used one time only on the day of their choice.  For Valentine’s Day you could do things like “1 clean car inside and out”, “Favorite dinner- you pick it I’ll make it.”, ” 1 Morning Coffee and Breakfast Sandwich Run”, there are so many great things you can do.  Try to think of all those little things.  There are some great templates on Etsy and Pinterest.  Just search “coupon book”.


8. Make each other games and have a game night.  Try this Valentine’s Jenga idea from Tried & True.

9. Send fun texts or leave post it messages throughout the day.

10. It’s Saturday!  Sleep in and then make a delicious breakfast feast!


11. Day/Night at the Home Spa- Get a bath bomb or two at Lush, some massage oil, candles, make a face mask and body scrub if you want.  Spend the day pampering each other.  If it isn’t romantic it could just be funny.  I love making sugar scrubs, they are great for your skin and super easy to make. I put up a DIY post here.

12. Tasting night-  The options here are endless, beer, wine, cupcakes, each person buys a small variety and blind folds the other while they taste.  Then turn it around.


13.  Cupid’s Arrow Nerf Fight-  Ok, so this one doesn’t sound romantic at all, and the whole Cupid’s Arrow thing is a stretch, but this is really tons of fun!  If you don’t already have them, get a couple Nerf Guns and Ammo (the cheap knock off brands work just as well).  Hide a gun with some ammo and a note somewhere that your SO will find it when they get home.  Something like “Welcome home, as of now you are under attack.  Come find me 🙂 Loser gives the other one a massage” (or whatever you’d like your terms to be.)

Whatever you decide to do or not do for Valentine’s Day, have fun and do it on your terms!


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