DIY Sugar Scrub

diy scrubThis simple sugar scrub is great for your skin.  The sugar gently exfoliates your skin and the oil is a moisturizer that has a similar ph to your skin.  Normally soap strips your skin of its own natural moisturizers and then to replace that moisture we use a chemical laden lotion which again messes with the natural balance of your skin. While in the shower you just take a small scoop in your hand and gently rub it into your skin then wash it away.  People swear by using it after shaving to reduce ingrown hairs.  When you get out of the shower if there is any excess oil left on your skin, rub it in like you would any lotion.

What is great about this recipe is that you can switch it up to your liking. I love lavender and the natural antiseptic qualities it has. When I give it as Christmas gifts I often do a Peppermint or Vanilla Sugar scrub, but the basic ingredients are the same.  If you choose, you really don’t have to do any scent at all.

Here is the basic recipe if you can even call it that, its so simple.


1/2 cup Olive oil/coconut oil- I like using a combination of the two but either one by itself is fine. (If you are using coconut oil you need to melt it first.)

1 cup Sugar-White or White and Light Brown Combo

5-10 drops Essential Oils

*Also feel free to add in other oils like Vitamin E oil, jojoba, almond, etc.

Mix the sugar and base oil together then add in the scented oils to your liking.  I like my scrubs to be a little on the oily side because my skin gets so dry in the winter, but be sure to add slowly.  It might look like there is way too little oil at first, but once you start mixing a bit its sure to change.  If your scrub is to dry add more oil, too wet add more sugar.  Just play with the consistency to your liking.


Here are some ideas for different variations. *Just a note, any time you add food particles the scrubs will spoil faster.

Vanilla sugar- add vanilla extract

Coconut- use coconut oil as the base.

Cranberry- add a little bit of cranberry concentrate found at health stores. Warning this one has a shorter shelf life than the others.


Looks like chocolate ice cream!

Chocolate- add some cocoa powder

Coffee- add a tablespoon of finely ground coffee beans.

Chai Tea Scrub- add a tablespoon of Tazo Chai Tea Concentrate

Grapefruit- This is another favorite of mine.  Its really refreshing in the morning.  Add 5-10 drops of grapefruit extract.

These make great and very inexpensive gifts.  Put them in a mason jar and add on a cute little tag with twine.  When I am making them for myself I just put it in a small tupperware container.  It is so easy to make, I usually make enough for a month or two then mix up some more.


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