Things I Love- Books On Tape

{234957A5-9A64-467B-AD29-D76C7328C814}Img400Recently I got back in the habit of listening to podcasts when Serial came out.  If you have not listened to Serial I cannot recommend it any more highly.  When Serial was over I felt like I was left with a hole in my life.  Many podcasts are only once a week and I just couldn’t find enough that I regularly enjoyed and would fill up my commutes. I was also craving something to read but wasn’t sure what.

I decided to fulfill both needs by downloading some books on “tape” from our library.  Many libraries have started adding to their e-collections to support kindle and nook users and many of them use a system/app called Overdrive to make audio books more accessible to people with smart phones and mp3 players.  Overdrive can also be used to download text e-books for your e-reader in much the same way.

You log into Overdrive with your library information and there is a pretty good selection audio books you can download directly to your phone using the Overdrive App.  Its available for Mac, Android, Kindle, Nook, etc.

{AECC678C-AACF-4D32-B326-43CBD442EEA2}Img400There are so many amazing things about this system!

1. You don’t even have to go to the library! As long as you have an active library account you can log in from anywhere.

2. No Fines! When you’re loan has ended you are just unable to listen unless you renew it.  There’s no risk of losing it or forgetting about it and racking up a huge fine.

3.  They are free to rent.  Even if you were to subscribe to a service like which is $15 a month, that only gets you one book!  Each additional book is about $25 with a 30% discount thats still $17.50!

4.  I can “read” so much more.  I listen in the car, while folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, before bed, you name it!  Its great!

{B292FAA7-2C96-456F-8D61-46211E6EC92C}Img400The Downsides (There’s only one.  I love them so much!)

1. As with any time taking out books from the library, the newest releases aren’t always there and if they are, there is usually a waiting list.  I usually just hop on the waiting list for a few books I’d really like and read/listen to others in the meantime.

If your library doesn’t have e audio books you can also get the ones on cds and listen to them in the car or I get the cd’s sometimes and import them to itunes and then onto my phone.  You can also tell your library that you are interested in Overdrive and they might be able to get set up with their system or another.

What books have you loved lately?

Happy Reading!!!


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