Jamberry Nails- Test Run


This is more of a question post than anything else.

Has anyone tried them.  I have two friends back home who just started selling them and I bought a little bit from each of them.  Some of the designs are really cute but I was wondering if they are worth the price.

I LOVE nail art, but I hardy ever get my nails done because of the expense.

Any thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Jamberry Nails- Test Run

  1. I know ALOT that absolutely love them and can’t imagine having their nails done any other way. For me, I love taken the 45 minutes every 3 weeks to get my nails done. I have tried to use them myself but despite the many lessons and my best efforts, I can’t get them to look pretty plus I don’t have a lot of patience to play with them. I think it is all about personal choice.

    • I hope I can manage to get them on correctly. I worry that I will just end up frustrated with them and be out the money. I’m glad I got some to try and to support my friends though either way.

  2. I discovered Jamberry a few months ago and loved them so much I decide to be a consultant. Lol I gave up polish YEARS ago because it would be ruined within the first hour (even when I had them professionally done) and now, being a stay at home mother, my hands go though crazy things everyday and my jams hold up though some pretty intense things. Yesterday for example, I went though 4 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and over an hour of scrubbing my daughters “art work” off my living room walls. Just make sure they are applied properly and they are WELL worth it!

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