Product Review: TheBalm Balmsai Palette

I wanted to use each of the products from my HauteLook haul a bit before I really reviewed them.
The first product I’ll review is the Balmsai Pallette. It is available on for $39.50. I paid only $19.50 for it on HauteLook!

There are a ton of great colors in this pallette and it is a large size. All of the colors are what you have come to expect from TheBalm.
They are super pigmented and buttery soft.


My favorite color is “Big Kahuna” a light and beautiful sea green. I was a little worried that at lot of them are shimmery, I lean more towards matte shadows for everyday wear, but a lot of them like “Epic” are only slightly shimmery, not sparkling like its shadows from Claire’s in the 90’s.

All the colors here are in order from left to right top to bottom.

Something else I was excited to try were the stencils. At the bottom of the palette is a little cutout with stencils for you brows, eyeliner, cat eye and the brow stencil doubles as a fallout protector for when you’re doing a smokey eye.

I didn’t really use the brow shaping stencil. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use it while filling in or when tweezing them (which seems a little too complicated for me). The fallout side is a pretty basic idea that can be accomplished by a piece of paper so I also wasn’t too excited to try it out.
I was very excited for the liner/cat eye stencil because I am terrible at them! To be honest the liner one was very underwhelming. I don’t know is my eye shape wasn’t really intended to use this stencil or I’m not coordinated enough to hold the stencil correctly while also applying the liner, could easily be both. I was better off with my messy free hand in the end.
The cat eye stencil was definitely the stand out. You select the little notch that has the right size/width cat eye you’re looking for, hold it to the outer edge of your eyelid and then just fill in with liner/shadow. It worked GREAT! Now if you are already great at doing a cat eye this isn’t going to really do you and good. For me this is a great feature.


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