Jamberry Nails Update

Ok so I LOVE these nail wraps.  The patterns and colors are beautiful and fun, and they really last!

10981156_828511429726_716969158780028953_nHow cute are these!  I have been wearing them for 6 days and they look fantastic!  This style is called Icy Taupe Polka.  Everyone I saw couldn’t believe it wasn’t traditional nail polish and applauded my skills. 🙂

Wanting more and knowing how this stuff works I signed up to sell them so I could get the whole kit and pass along these awesome wraps to my friends!

If you are interested in trying some yourself, fill out this form and I will send you some right away!


If you love them contact me to do a Facebook party!


3 thoughts on “Jamberry Nails Update

    • Sure you can type my name or N/A its only for my use anyway. The sheets are $15 each and are B3G1 Free! You can typically get 2 manicures and two pedicures from each sheet and they last about 2 week on hands and 6 weeks or more on toes. I’m not sure if I included the shopping link on there, but you can go to http://dianesnails.jamberrynails.net/ to place an order! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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