Not getting your hopes up but not getting burned out

Mondays are tough for me right now.  The weekends give me a little bit of fun time to forget that I’m making my way into dire straights.  The funds I have saved are now just about entirely gone and still no hint of a job.

Last week a family friend claimed to have the answer to my prayers.  He knew of a part time admin job that he said I should be a shoe in for.  I am positive he had the best of intentions and that he believed he could help get me the job, but a week later and no emails or calls and I have to say I’ve definitely lost a bit of faith.

Its easy to look at everything and become down trodden.  I keep seeing openings that I think I’d be perfect for.  Or sometimes my emotions get the best of me and I get angry when I see someone who is not happy in their job or not good at it.  I have to hold back the woe is me feeling.  Its not right to begrudge someone else their job just because I still haven’t found one.  I need to channel those feelings into something more positive.  Volunteering is a perfect place to cool down and get some perspective.

But its Monday again, back to the applications.  I am finding the balance between not getting too far down and not thinking that everything which comes along is going to work out immediately.

The good news is I applied for a couple of jobs at the SPCA before I started volunteering there and when I asked about it this weekend they said they didn’t think any interviews had been scheduled yet.  So there is a little more hope in he jar for this week.


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