Turkey Trot!

It’s that time of year!  Everything is popping up Christmas already and holiday shopping has begun!  To make your shopping a bit easier and more rewarding this year I am doing a Turkey Trot.  Its a super simple way to … Continue reading

Thirty One August News!

I am crazy excited about Thirty One this August. As consultants we got a quick preview of some of the great new products in September and with that they have released the summer retirement list. At the end of August the things on this list will no longer be available to purchase.

Thirty One has gotten rid of a lot of patterns and styles. I was surprised at how many, but it will make sense in the fall when you see the number of new items! I think I am most excited about the new canvass bags they will be releasing. I don’t have details like name or price yet, but I think this canvass bag is a “classier” looking version of the Thirty One items I already love.

Another quick announcement that I don’t know too much about yet, is that Thirty One has bought Jewell. They offer higher end and leather bags that will be a great addition to the Spring 2915 catalog. I’ll be sure to let you know more about it as we get the details.

Here are the specials I am running this month. I am doing a big August push to earn a bunch of the new Fall items so I can show them to you guys and let you see in person why they are so great!
So for August, anyone who books a party in August (any kind of party, ask for details), they can pick one item from the catalog ($31 or under) for free!! If a party isn’t your thing or you just had one, send my name to a friend. For any friend who books with me I will get you a small present from the catalog! Remember, the best way to get discounts and free products is to HAVE A PARTY!!!

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Decision to become a Thirty One Consultant

A couple weeks ago I started to think pretty seriously about becoming a Thirty One Consultant.  I have started really getting on top of my budget and am now determined to pay off my student loans within 6 years.  I have been trying to find ways to make a little extra money to help pay off the debt, but getting a part time job isn’t really feasible with my already packed schedule. I need something that is flexible, that I can do in my small amount of spare time, and I’d really like it to be something I can enjoy.

That’s where Thirty One Gifts comes in.  Last spring I received a bag from my boyfriend.  Specifically, it is the Large Utility Tote in the flip flop pattern.  I LOVE this bag.  I keep it in the car all the time.  When it isn’t in use, it  collapses and sits nicely in the trunk and when its ready to use you just pull up on the handles.  I use this bag for everything.  The large utility tote is especially useful for trips to BJs.  I load it up with all manner of items even the super heavy odd shaped things that typically end up making me take 4 or 5 trips into the house.  The tote is incredibly sturdy with a metal frame around the top and the fabric is lined in a heavy duty vinyl making it incredibly easy to wipe clean.  Enough about the bag, I’ll have to do it as my first review.

Anyway,  It occurred to me that I should ask Jenn (the friend and consultant who Dave got it through) about her thoughts on the company and being a consultant.  Her account is currently on hold because she just moved with her job in the navy to Singapore.  She assured me that she was starting back up and as soon as her status is renewed I can sign up under her.  I would have signed up immediately, just out of excitement, but the waiting time has been good because its allowed me to check out lots of options and make sure that this is a good choice for me.  The first thing I thought about was purchasing the starter kit.  At $99 it wont break the bank, but I also didn’t want it to be a total waste.  The more I have looked at the kit and watched youtube videos of what is inside, the more I love it!  I also looked at other companies, and one of the biggest draws to Thirty One was that I do not need to stock or invest in any inventory.  This means there actually is a very low barrier to entry.  I have heard with other companies that they say the only cost to get involved is to pay for the starter kit but then recruits are pressured into spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on inventory very early on.

Some other things I liked about Thirty One are:

They encourage giving back

The products are awesome!

They have regular meetings with people in your area for training and fun.

Unlike some other companies, the consultants for Thirty One do not seem to be worried with presenting a certain image.

It seems as though employees are generally happy with management and this may be largely because it looks like management really listens to its consultants.

Ongoing costs are very low. (Just new catalogs which come out 3x  a year and consultants say you can get them for free at the bimonthly meetings and when you order add on kits if you choose to.)

Everyone seems to be pretty honest to, Thirty One is what you put into it.

So now I am just playing the waiting game.  In a couple of weeks when Jenn is active again I will definitely be signing up!