Thirty One August News!

I am crazy excited about Thirty One this August. As consultants we got a quick preview of some of the great new products in September and with that they have released the summer retirement list. At the end of August the things on this list will no longer be available to purchase.

Thirty One has gotten rid of a lot of patterns and styles. I was surprised at how many, but it will make sense in the fall when you see the number of new items! I think I am most excited about the new canvass bags they will be releasing. I don’t have details like name or price yet, but I think this canvass bag is a “classier” looking version of the Thirty One items I already love.

Another quick announcement that I don’t know too much about yet, is that Thirty One has bought Jewell. They offer higher end and leather bags that will be a great addition to the Spring 2915 catalog. I’ll be sure to let you know more about it as we get the details.

Here are the specials I am running this month. I am doing a big August push to earn a bunch of the new Fall items so I can show them to you guys and let you see in person why they are so great!
So for August, anyone who books a party in August (any kind of party, ask for details), they can pick one item from the catalog ($31 or under) for free!! If a party isn’t your thing or you just had one, send my name to a friend. For any friend who books with me I will get you a small present from the catalog! Remember, the best way to get discounts and free products is to HAVE A PARTY!!!

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